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AET AET Advanced Engineered Trading (IM) Ltd. is a boutique company specialised in the field of proprietary on-exchange trading of financial instruments. The company is managed by highly experienced professionals who have formerly worked for elite hedge funds and family offices. AET is not conducting any investment management activities for third parties other than for one institutional business partner who secured an exclusivity against full capacity agreement with the company in spring 2018. AET is regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission.



The company is primarily focused on trading equity index, crude oil and debt futures on CME and EUREX and occasionally engages in strategic options positions in equity indexes, commodities and single stocks. Trading activities are non-directional and consist of approximately 75% counter trend and 25% trend following engagements mainly executed intra-day avoiding over-night risk. Due to its excellent business network AET manages to maintain a very cost-efficient trading infra structure usually only achieved by global financial institutions. AET only collaborates with elite partners and service providers who are professionally servicing institutional clients like Banks, Proprietary Trading Firms and Hedge Funds.


20 years

1,5%-2,0% monthly

sharpe > 4


Roland Priborsky, CIO, Director & Owner

Certified EUREX Trader


Roland is the main shareholder and responsible for all operations undertaken at AET. He is looking back to a career which started at the German Stock Exchange and continued at elite institutions like London based Man Group, one of the biggest alternative investment operators and clearing brokers in the world and the Gelber Family Office from Chicago, an elite market participant and member of the Chicago Stock Exchange. In 2013 Roland decided to realise own ideas and became independent. While trading his family's money he started sourcing and expanding his business network in oder to find interested business partners and service providers and initiated the process of formation of AET Advanced Engineered Trading (IM) Ltd.


AET Advanced Engineered Trading (IM) Ltd.


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